Friday, July 27, 2007

Our Story

Our first contact was nearly a month before we actually met. Dana was at home for the summer - she had just graduated from college - and out of boredom logged into her account on OKCupid (what, you know you've signed up to take the quizzes - don't lie!)... and found she had a new message!

Most of the messages she normally received were from middle-aged losers with a love for "thick women" that bordered on obsessive... ew. But this one was different.

And it began!

Sean's email to Dana, August 12, 2005

Subject: Assuming I'm not too old...

Body: I think you could find a lot to talk about with a librarian/writer who's working on a (2nd) Master's in Frencha and Spanish lit at PSU. And I wouldn't mind seeing those green eyes across the table from me over dessert at the Pied Cow. Or a spontaneous adventure. Or just yakking about school. Or a movie by Charliewes Kaufmanderson. And any of the above can be combined with some multicolored apples.

So check me out like the library item I am and see if you think you could have a dessert or three with the guy in the picture.

A spark ignited...

We went on our first date on September 7th.

We met up at Starbucks, and played two games of Scrabble. (For those who care, I kicked his ass. He denies it because he's a wimp.) After Scrabble, we decided to go out to dinner at Cha, Cha, Cha, a Mexican restaurant in the PSU district.

He kissed me for the first time on the steps outside Starbucks. We've been practically inseparable ever since!

A Few More Firsts...

First Date: Scrabble at Starbucks, followed by dinner
First Meal: cheese enchiladas
First Movie: The Baxter
First Concert: Duncan Sheik
First Kitty: Duncan Kitty
First Anniversary: Matisyahu / Polyphonic Spree Concert at McMenamin's Edgefield Resort
First Trip: to Brooke's wedding in November, 2007

August 4th, 2007

Sean almost proposed in the jewelry store.

Dana encouraged him to wait for a better moment, and he did... a whole three hours. They were at McMenamins Market Street Pub, waiting for a friend. He recalls that The Ramones' "We're a Happy Family" was playing on the radio. While she was looking away, he slipped the ring on her finger and asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes!