Friday, July 27, 2007

Lodging & Local Information

The wedding itself is taking place in Gearhart, a small town on the Oregon coast. The closest lodging options will be in Gearhart and Seaside; other towns to check out are Cannon Beach (about 7 miles south of Gearhart), and Astoria (about 12 miles north of Gearhart).

Here is a map of the wedding and local lodging recommendations and other pertinent information. You can use this interactive map to get directions from one place on the map to another (say, the airport to the ceremony, or from your hotel to a restaurant).

If you choose to stay somewhere other than the hotels on the map, please let us know! It is very easy for us to add locations to the map, so that you can use it for getting custom directions without needing to look up addresses or anything.


Of course, we can't possibly include EVERYTHING on this map. So, we've included a few helpful resources below for you to plan you trip.

  • Oregon Coast Visitors Association

    With suggestions of things to do and places to stay, the Oregon Coast Visitors Association website is the best way for you to start planning your trip.

  • Go Northwest Travel Guide: Gearhart, OR

    There's not too much on here, but it does have information about vacation rentals, as well as dining and shopping in Gearhart proper.

  • Seaside Visitors Bureau

    Just south of Gearhart, Seaside has been a popular ocean resort town for over a century. The Visitors Bureau website provides the normal info: lodging, events, and a form to request a free travel guide.

  • Cannon Beach Chamber and Information Center

    Currently the most popular town on the north coast, Cannon Beach is a cute little town of boutiques, B&Bs, and iconic Haystack Rock. The chamber of commerce website has lots of information about things to see and do in this bustling tourist town.

  • Astoria and Warrenton Chamber of Commerce

    Astoria is so much more than just the house in the movie Goonies - though it is that too. Seated where the Columbia River meets the Pacific, Astoria is full of history and charm. Don't overlook it just because it's a little farther from the wedding; it's a beautiful drive and totally worth it! Plus, since it's not a traditional beach town, you may be able to score cheaper rooms here than in Cannon Beach or Seaside.


Brie said...

I had an idea upon reading your blank accommodations page. You might try calling some of the local inns and seeing if you can get a group rate anywhere.

Let them know you have X number of people coming to the coast for your wedding who will ALL need lodging and that you want to recommend a good place with a good deal to all your friends and family. Then ask if they can give you a deal for steering so much business their way. It works for conventions!

dana said...

We plan on it, a little closer to the date. We're definitely going to secure a block at the resort that's right by the site, since it's walking distance and all.

Meanwhile, you should check out the change I've made to the Frequently Asked Questions Page.