Friday, July 27, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

So, who's in the wedding party? Can I be in the wedding party? I want to wear an ugly poufy dress, please can I?

Call us strange, but we've decided NOT to have a wedding party. I know it's not fair to you, our friends who long to buy overpriced dresses and stand in front of 150 strangers looking like a lavender marshmallow. However, we have our reasons.

1. There are too damned many of you who are close to us... we could never choose. Really, we couldn't. We tried.

2. We know that most of you are traveling for this wedding, and really, we'd prefer you take a seat and enjoy the show.

3. We like to be different. And it's our wedding. So there.

Now, if you really desire to wear an ugly dress to our wedding... feel free. Our colors are dark purple and a light green. For more inspiration, read "What's in a Theme?"

I've never been to the Oregon coast before... how should I dress?

Late August on the coast is beautiful weather-wise... that said, this is the ocean we're talking about, and its a bit breezy... so it will be chilly, even at high noon. If you plan to wear something short-sleeved, it wouldn't hurt to bring a cardigan or a light weight jacket to throw on while we're outside.

As for the rest of the time you're in Oregon, we're pretty casual out here on the left coast. Even in Portland, you'll see people go to the opera in jeans. (A crime, I know, but it is done. Regularly. Silly hippies.) Our idea of dressy out here is probably what most of you midwesterners would call "Sunday best."

For the wedding itself, while it's nowhere near black tie, we are hoping you'll choose to dress up for the occasion. Dresses and suits, you know, the usual wedding threads. If you would like to do something a bit more exotic in light of our silly theme, you have our blessing!

You kids have been living in sin for quite some time... what can I get you that you need and don't already have?

Gifts are totally not required - we realize that most of you are traveling, and it's often impractical and expensive to travel with gifts or ship the gifts ahead of time. That said, if you feel obligated, we do have a couple registries going, which you can get to through the site map on the right. Whatever you choose to do, know that we are delighted to have you here, and that our main concern is that you all have a good time while you're here!

I just landed at Portland International Airport. I'm vaguely aware that there is an ocean to the west of me, but I've no clue how to get to it. Help!

The coast is pretty easy to get to!
Courtesy of Google Maps:

Directions to the Ceremony Site

Is there anything else I need to know? Any other little tidbit that might help me appreciate the feel and formality you're going for?

Well, there is just one thing. We are silly. Very silly. Keep this in mind, and you should be just fine. ;)


Brie said...

Screw working! I'd much rather nitpick your wedding website, haha.

Did you know your reception is not in Cannon beach anymore? Better update this page too!

dana said...

hehe i haven't updated it since we booked our venue.

Brie said...

I am happy that you rick rolled your website.

Brie said...

I can't believe you used Mapquest for your driving directions. Google Maps is the best.

dana said...

yeah, yeah, yeah. I use Google Maps now, you have to remember that most of this website is placeholder stuff, haha.